HamBSD Hardware Wanted

The following list outlines hardware that the HamBSD project could use. There are a number of reasons why developers need hardware, and it is important to first of all realize these reasons:

If you do not own these devices, but want to help us, we recommend you search on eBay for the devices. If you do the bidding and then get the device shipped to us, it really helps us. It is better if developers develop, and skip the bidding process, since any time saved can be spent on improving HamBSD instead.

Contact Iain Learmonth who will be able to tell you if something is useful, and if so, where to send it.

Please be very clear as to where you are located!! Unless an item is particularly rare, it is probably uneconomical to ship from anywhere outside Europe. (All development currently happens in Scotland.)

General Requirements


It looks like the TNC-X is quite popular and is readily available to purchase. It would be great to have one of these available for development in Scotland. If purchasing this new, it would be the "Complete Wired and Tested TNC-X including USB and Enclosure" option that is preferred to allow testing of both the serial port connection and USB connection. Additionally, the "5 Pin DIN to 6 Pin Mini-DIN TNC/Radio Cable" would be required. Having the "TNC-X Cable for Baofeng UV-5R or Similar" also would be great to have some flexibility in the development setup, but isn't absolutely necessary.

The Rasberry Pi boards look interesting, but are not going to be useful to HamBSD until OpenBSD's Raspberry Pi support improves.

Dummy Loads

A few dummy loads would be useful for supporting development and testing in Scotland. They should have either SO-239 sockets, or for units intended to plug directly onto the antenna socket, PL-259 plugs. A power rating of 10-15W is entirely sufficient.