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Current status:
Added a new axtap(4) driver, and enough of an aprsd(8) to do a basic position beacon. Coupled with aprsisd(8), HamBSD with a KISS TNC can now act as a fully functional receive-only IGate.

Current kernel goal:
Add basic support for AX.25 addresses to axtap(4) and add an axkiss(4) driver based on the ekiss(4) driver.

Current userspace goal:
Improve aprsd(8)'s usability, including custom beacon generation and custom digipeating rules.

The HamBSD project aims to bring amateur packet radio to OpenBSD, including support for TCP/IP over AX.25 and APRS tracking/digipeating in the base system.

HamBSD will not provide a full AX.25 stack but instead only implement support for UI frames. There will be a focus on simplicity, security and readable code.

The amateur radio community needs a reliable platform for packet radio for use in both leisure and emergency scenarios. It should be expected that the system is stable and resilient (but as yet it is neither).