HamBSD Examples

Assume that you have your TNC attached on the first serial port:

$ ifconfig ekiss0 netmask up
$ ldattach kiss cua00
You can also configure using netstart(8). Put the following into /etc/hostname.ekiss0:
inet description "radio link"
!ldattach kiss cua00

If you're going to do this, you'll want to also identify your transmissions to ensure compliance with your operating license.

Set your callsign:

$ echo "AA1ABC" > /etc/mycallsign

Then run the "identify compliant with license conditions daemon" (iclcd(8)) to periodically broadcast your callsign along with the Ethernet source address. This uses the Ethertype 0x4400 and the protocol is described in the man page.

$ iclcd

If you've configured the interface using /etc/hostname.ekiss0 then you probably want to start iclcd(8) at boot time:

$ rcctl enable iclcd
$ rcctl start iclcd