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Current status:
Two-way IPv4 communication via a KISS TNC between OpenBSD machines. Stations can identify their transmissions, and indentifications are recorded by iclcd(8).

Current goal:
Add a new axkiss(4) driver, and enough of an aprsd(8) to do a basic position beacon.

HamBSD contains tools to identify your transmission, be sure to use them. Nothing uses your callsign unless you configure it.

The HamBSD project aims to bring amateur packet radio to OpenBSD, including support for TCP/IP over AX.25 and APRS tracking/digipeating in the base system.

HamBSD will not provide a full AX.25 stack but instead only implement support for UI frames. There will be a focus on simplicity, security and readable code.

The amateur radio community needs a reliable platform for packet radio for use in both leisure and emergency scenarios. It should be expected that the system is stable and resilient (but as yet it is neither).